Marcia Thomas, USA for Africa
Longtime Director of USA for Africa, with more than 25 years of involvement with Africa and Africans.   Marcia provided guidence, drive and commitment to the creation of  AS4A that will soon be 8 years since it was created and went live. AS4A truly reflects Marcia’s and USA for Africa’s commitment to support and promote African capacity.

Amira Ali
Amira Ali is a creative artist, educator, and PanAfricanist born in Ethiopia, based in the U.S. Her work focuses on using creative mediums as a tool to advance alternative narratives of Africa and further African representational justice. Furthermore, her focus is, through creative language, explore, engage and advance radical (socio-political) ideas.

Anthony Jones 
Our newest team member, Anthony looks to bring a clean, attractive look to AS4A. A recent graduate from Long Island University Global, Anthony has a degree in International Business. He has traveled to over 30 countries in his studies with hopes to gain an understanding of the different peoples, customs, cultures and struggles that create our modern world. He currently consults for different small business’ and non-profit organizations.

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