Marcia Thomas, USA for Africa
I have been the Executive Director of USA for Africa for over 20 years. I also served for 2 years as Deputy Director at Oxfam America, and on a number of boards and advisory committees for Africa-focused women and youth organizations. I was a founding board member of the National Summit on Africa (Africa Society) and I am presently on UCLA’s James S. Coleman African Studies Center advisory board. I hold a Masters Degree in Education.

Amira Ali
I am a creative artist, poet, writer and educator, born in Ethiopia, based in the U.S. I focus on using creative mediums as a narrative tool, with a particular interest in alternative narratives of the global south: “owning and telling our ‘own’ stories while advocating for viewing ourselves through our own lenses, recognizing that stories are born with a right to be told”. My creative artistry deals with promoting the African cultural aesthetics in the course of documenting narratives of journey –stories we live in. While producing and curating these stories, my hope is to assess social issues, explore the beauty of arts and culture, and accentuate the wisdom of the global south, in connection to the world. My experiences range from being involved in projects concerning international conflict and dialogue, the arts and socio-cultural affairs, and more recently, assistant professor at Sonoma University.

Loloa Ibrahim
I have a background working in the areas of gender, human rights, and social justice. Previously, I directed the Sudan-Reach Women’s Foundation, a grassroots organization committed to helping women and girls realize their highest potential for personal and social growth. I also served as a Program Director at a community nonprofit in Cambridge, MA serving at-risk girls; and co-founded the Cambridge-based Alliance for Girls’ Services. In addition to my role at AS4A, I work for EDGE Funders Alliance (Engaged Donors for Global Equity) and  have a consulting role with a number of non-profit groups including USA for Africa, Ben & Jerry’s, and the Society for Organizational Learning. I live and work in New York City.


  • Dr. Joanna Nkosi, Researcher & International Development Consultant, Morley Nkosi Associates
  • Salim Amin,  Chairman Camerapix/A24media

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