Visions and Struggles Walk Together: A comprehensive interpretation of the life and work of Marcus Mosiah Garvey


“Visions and Struggles Walk Together” is “one of the most comprehensive grassroots interpretations of the life and work of His Excellency Marcus Mosiah Garvey.”

Released on 30 September 2016, the documentary is written and produced by Dr Vince Hines. Presented on a multi-media platform, including commentaries, photography, music, and supported by computer voice synthesizer, the work digs in the depth of the soul of an Afrikan Icon.

Capturing the sweep of Garvey’s life, a man “who made an indelible mark on the canvas of human history”, the documentary is celebrated as “a valuable teaching aid and authentic historical record for future generations (and the current one) of the African Diaspora.”

Garvey, the Afrikan Son, born on the Caribbean Island of Jamaica commenced speaking ‘truth to power’ during the second decade of the twentieth century. His message was potent then and became more potent and relevant throughout the decades since, as Global Afrika continues to recognize the crucial need to pull together.

This extensive work about Marcus Garvey is recommended for viewing by all Pan-Africanists of all ages, students of Afrikan History, and those who want to know why the name of Marcus Mosiah Garvey is being called today in nearly all major gatherings and debates in search for Afrikan Unity, those at home and those abroad.

“Up you might race. You can accomplish what you will!”  —Marcus Mosiah Garvey.