Afrophobia: Letter to the National Association of Nigerian Students


 “The actions by our siblings here in South Africa, particularly in Pretoria, when they target those black persons who are from other parts of the continent, are anti-black actions stemming from self-hatred caused by white supremacy.”

Revolutionary greetings to the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS)

I write to you in my capacity as the Secretary for Student Affairs for the Black First Land First (BLF) movement. I am writing to you in relation to the recent Afrophobic attacks in South Africa and the response by NANS in Nigeria.

As Black First Land First – Student Movement (BLF-SM), we note the revolutionary action taken by NANS to demand that South African businesses leave Nigeria within 48hrs, as a response to the anti-black Afrophobia currently taking place in South Africa.

We wish to inform you that the BLF-SM stands in solidarity with our black siblings who arrive in this neo-colony from across the diaspora as well as the African continent, including Nigeria. We recognize that these borders were created and serve as a tool by the white imperialist colonizers to separate us and foster self-hatred within the black community.

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Photo credits: Rajesh Jantilal, AFP